Hello and welcome to the kennel of bulldogs and collies!

My name is Irina Umnova together with my family and dogs we live in Russia, the Moscow region.

Dogs I started in 1989. At that time, I worked as an instructor for the breeding of the club "Turkmen Iti."
In 1990 he qualified as an expert judge on business and sporting dogs.
The first kennel "Justus `C" 'was organized by me in 1990, we were engaged in professional breeding rough collies and Bull Terriers.
Throughout time I cherished the dream of an English bulldog, and after moving to Russia, my dream has come true! Now I am the owner of the finest representatives of this wonderful breed.
in 2011 was registered kennel "Minas Tirith." Our kennel has been a long-haired collie and English bulldogs.
Main priorities in breeding for me is to get healthy, harmonious animals with lovely temperament.
Kennel works with many well-known Russian and foreign breeders.

Enjoy your viewing!